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April 2011 Blog Posts (12)


Version 2.0 |  05/02/2011

(c) 2011 Howard McQueen


Self organizing,

self deluding,

self destructing,

and sometimes,

self clarifying.


Consciousness churning and mutating,

the relics of a survival-based operating system.


We as a species are running old, corrupted code.

It is up to each of us to reprogram,

to birth new pathways

responsive to a love for self,

knowing that all that…


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© 2011 Howard McQueen


Sweet stream that runs through this valley, 

 and all life living upon this forest floor,

 this small band of brethren do bow and honor you.


You who whisper and gently caress,

 and call out to humans 


  “come in peace and learn again how I can sustain you”.


Let go most of your modern ways,

 for they do not serve you, or me.

I, GAIA, mother of all life, will show you the…


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© 2011 Howard McQueen


We seek safety in our delusions.


We are simply offered a chance to live.

No warranties while we are embodied in form.


What is now within your reach of experience

 is everything


 but a drop  of the infinite now-ness

 alive in this moment. 


Drink and breathe in what you can.

Exhale your moans, groans and ecstatic cries.


This is your opportunity…


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© 2011 Howard McQueen


Resisting action,

 without being in resistance.

Allowing the mind to be in service

 to what most desires to unfold.


Not being hooked into anyone else’s business,

 including that of the personal and shared ego.


What we most deeply focus on becomes manifest.


The juggernaut-minions of our societies,

 showered with our worship,

 continue on, due to…


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© 2011 Howard McQueen


Our inner space,

 perhaps we can agree,


 to call it psychic space.


Tending to this space:

  Does it shape us

   or do we shape it?


What is this space?




The portal, the gateway of


 and to


   life itself.





Open your eyes, anew.


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© 2011 Howard McQueen


I hear your words.


When your words land on me,

 this is what I feel:


     [I express my feelings with “I am feeling ...” statements]


Then, I agree to hold the space for you and your words,

 without any judgments,

 without any assumptions,

 as we inquire, together,

 into the nature of your feelings

and then, switch turns,

and inquire into the nature of my…


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(c) 2011 Howard McQueen


When we are connected to values that transcend

 our sense of survival,

 we encounter the possibility to become connected to caring, compassion, generosity, ...


Our intimacy with these trans-personal values 

 is put to the test when others we are connected to

 trigger in us, our own survival instincts.


We often discover we want to meddle in the affairs of others,

 thinking we are…


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More daily Ruiz


From the Ruiz daily email subscription feed:


"I am dreaming my life in this moment. I live in a world of illusion made by images of light. The story I create is a virtual reality that is only true for me, the one who creates it."




Reading this reminds me not to take anything or anyone too seriously, or too personally.



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Ruiz - Daily Message

Today's message from Ruiz


"I co-create with God, and with life. Life creates what is real, and I create a story about what is real. The story is how I qualify, justify, and explain what I perceive. My story is my creation, and it's a masterpiece of art."


To have a daily message sent to you via email: …


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© 2011 Howard McQueen


Consciousness is this soup of preferences, expectations, desires and needs.

When not centered, there is confusion and anxiety.

When centered, there is an ability to shape all this raw,

often charged and competing energy into intention.

Is our intention reactive and coming from an unexplored and tumultuous inner place?

Is our intention responsive and conscious, coming from a well-explored inner place?

Often, our…


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© 2011 Howard McQueen


We are unable to speak or write what is ultimately true.

And yet, words and actions can convey us, inwardly,

 so we may experience close encounters with our source.


Our rational mind,

 when drawn into the many sensations of separation,

 constructs and replays all the many stories of our vulnerability.


Lacking a culture that supports the telling and interpreting

 of these often harrowing…


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© 2011 Howard McQueen


We are on this journey

  of awakening from our ignorance.

So much of what we hold within to be true

  has been corrupted.

We are, before, after and beyond anything knowable,

  born from a source of pure innocence.

We are born into a world and culture bred and fed

  an abundance of beliefs which seem so sincere

  and which, upon a deeper inspection,

  hold but limited and conditional…


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