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A Whispered Invitation: “come fall into Love”

© 2009 Howard McQueen

A whisper of an invitation can be heard “come fall into a love”

so deep
so sweet
so innocent

you will live again as the innocence of your child,
filled with wonder at belonging to this world
connected to everything that your heart can imagine.

What you will experience will astound you.
You will discover a root of the human condition,
a perceived belief that love is absent.
You will see human beings believing and practicing scarcity of Love,
against the backdrop of the ever present, infinite energy of Love held and sustained in Creation.

You will find unparalleled Joy in your aloneness
Matched only by the Joy in fellowship with others,
Especially those opening to being in Love

The gardens need tending to
The gardeners need guidance and pointers
The soil of the soul calls out for composting
This is the humble work, when done in the fellowship of a love-based community,
Bears the fruits of Heaven, on this earth.

You will find me wandering the gardens
I am many faces,
you will remember and recognize me.

Together, we will all fall in Love.

We weep these tears of joy to celebrate our liberating love. These tears we catch to water the gardens. They contain an essential purity and necessary quality for cultivating Love.


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Comment by Howard McQueen on August 17, 2009 at 9:32pm
All my gardening and landscaping has been such important therapy for me. Much of this poem arose in me working in Steve's urban farm, where my task was to dig out the compost bin and carry a number of cubic feet of compost up the hill to a new fall garden area. Lots of love at Steve's farm as well as oodles of creatures discovered living in the compost bin ;-) !!!


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