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We are on this journey

  of awakening from our ignorance.

So much of what we hold within to be true

  has been corrupted.

We are, before, after and beyond anything knowable,

  born from a source of pure innocence.

We are born into a world and culture bred and fed

  an abundance of beliefs which seem so sincere

  and which, upon a deeper inspection,

  hold but limited and conditional truth.


As we train ourselves to not accept the surface skin of our beliefs as believable, or even remotely true, we engage in a deep cleansing and letting go of all of the inner corruption.


To gain access to what is corrupt within, you need only lend your attention to those words you speak which convey judgment.  Know that your words are like an iceberg, and merely the tip of the iceberg containing the thoughts and your beliefs which generate all the judgment.


We have been trained and domesticated into eating and nurturing ourselves with the ignorance of our culture and our world view.  We have fed and powered ourselves through our worldly experiences with this corruption. 


Corruption is, at its very core, a violence which covers over, stifles and mis-interprets the pure innocence and unconditional acceptance conveyed to us at birth.  This  violence has been contrived by our fellow humans, infected with a need for a sense of power-to-control.  It is these root corruptions that have infected our culture, that in turn have infected the belief structures we use to navigate this world.


Before any cultural conditioning, there is a pure source from which all things spring, including us, including our capability to become aware and to awaken from ignorance.


This source flows as a constant stream which prophets and wise elders have learned to drink and nourish clarity.   This stream awaits you.  When you rest by and drink from this stream, clarity arises and you see that there is always choice.  You also pierce through and reconnect to your natural rights (and natural proclivities) to feel gratitude for being alive, for the capability and capacity to love, to nuture and to hold each other as one tribe, one family, one community.  At our deepest core, we are each instruments, readied to be liberated to pursue our needs for connection. 


Next time you find yourself, or your brother or sister communicating and caught up in the pain flowing from all our ignorance, show up and show yourself / them your deepest compassion and understanding. 


We can, through the relationship of reconnection, one compassionate demonstration at a time, help each other release ourselves from our ignorance.

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