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Version 2.0 |  05/02/2011

(c) 2011 Howard McQueen


Self organizing,

self deluding,

self destructing,

and sometimes,

self clarifying.


Consciousness churning and mutating,

the relics of a survival-based operating system.


We as a species are running old, corrupted code.

It is up to each of us to reprogram,

to birth new pathways

responsive to a love for self,

knowing that all that is reflected back to us

is but an aspect of self.


Appreciating all the reflections of self

begins to create a love that unifies and heals

and reconnects our head, heart and gut.


There is absolutely no need to change

or to blame 

any of the the circumstances as they exist outside of us.

Become at peace within

and struggle no more.


The more environmental pressure bought to bear,

the more stress placed on the inner infrastructure programming,

and thus, calcified and unsustainable beliefs give way

and we learn to make our way

into the uncharted space

where consciousness may incubate

and evolve.


Billions of opportunities,

radical possibilities for this deeper love-infection to gain its hold.


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