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Books to Donate

I have a variety of Sufi books by Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi stories, Diamond Heart, Rashad Field and more. If you would like them contact me at Ann

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What is Spiritual Awakening?

I have been on a “spiritual path” as it is sometimes called, for a dozen years or so. I didn’t choose to be on one. It chose me. When I became what is sometimes called a “seeker” it was not a conscious choice, but something I had to do. I was overcome with the desire to know the ultimate Truth of what we are and why we’re here. The circumstances that led to the birth of the seeker are discussed in another post (LINK) and not relevant to this discussion. Suffice it…


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No Mistakes

​Have you ever made what you thought was a bad decision? If you think so, then you've probably experienced the frustration of things not working out the way you had hoped they would. However, I would like for you to ponder this: What if there is no such thing as a bad decision? What if there are only decisions? What if i​​t’s impossible to make a mistake in this life? What would happen to this frustration if you dropped the belief that mistakes are possible? Is the idea that things could or…


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Join Fred for Free Online Satsang

We'll provide details on how you can join us a little later on.

Mark Your Calendar! Join Fred for Online Satsang with the Center for Nonduality on…


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Fear of the Future

Fear seems rampant around the world right now. For some it has to do with the impending rule of the new President of the United States. We have heard a great deal about how wrong things could go under Trump, and a lot of it’s easily believable based on the past. However, this is a prime example of how we create fear in our lives -- We imagine a future. We like predictability and are programmed to use our memory to project a future to help put us at ease (or freak us out). Let’s face it, the…


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Trey's Interview with Jeannie Zandi

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Jeannie Zandi recently ( She is a great spiritual teacher that I first met back in 2007. In fact, she was the first…


Added by Trey Carland on January 2, 2017 at 11:58pm — 1 Comment

Divided We Fall

I divorced myself from politics back in 2004 after suffering a grand mal seizure. It happened right after I learned that John Kerry had conceded the election to George Bush, before all of the votes had been counted. I wasn’t a Kerry supporter at the time, but I was a Bush hater. When I went to tell my wife the upsetting news, I fell down and had a seizure. I woke up in the ambulance on the way to the ER. I was later diagnosed with epilepsy, but it was a wake up call that changed my life…


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My New Job

A change in my employment status led me to a job that I never really thought of. How I got there is a long, and somewhat messy tale with its own set of life lessons that I may talk in more depth about at a later date. For now, the life lessons are bountiful from my current situation.

I am working as a brand ambassador/event specialist for Advantage Solutions*, which is a national marketing company that partners with Walmart stores to promote certain products in their stores.…


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The 3 Essentials of Nondual Awakening Satsang 7.12.16

The 3 essentials of nondual awakening recorded from Satsang 7-12-16 with Non Dual teacher and therapist Craig Holliday. Craig offers Skype sessions, retreats and workshops and meets with individuals from around the world who have a sincere desire to awaken out of the dream state and into this Beauty that we always already are. Craig began teaching after a series of…


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How do I become love in the world?

True spiritual practice is done in public. Most of us have spent years practicing in the privacy of our own rooms, and yet because of this find that much of our practice does not translate into real life relationships. If we are finding ourselves unable to relate to life, and simply wanting to be isolated from this beautiful world, chances are we need to…


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New Videos, New Book, New Sessions

Hello, everybody!

I've posted a bunch of new YouTube videos since I was here last, but the most important one is probably the 2-hour satsang video I put up recently.…


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To be free of the endless commenting, reviewing, anticipating, and frequent chaos in the mind, a remarkably effective strategy is to shift the focus of awareness from thoughts and emotions into the immediate sensory experience of what is seen, heard and felt in the immediate here-and-now. Bring attention to your body and the physical world around you. Include in this special attention to the sensations of breathing. Do this for fifteen to thirty seconds and see if you don’t experience a…


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Wake up

Question your beliefs, perspectives, ideas, feelings and inquire with a open heart into what manifests them.  Allow them to un-manifest. What remains is stillness, presence and love. The is the natural state of who you are. Every moment provides you with the opportunity to wake up.  You don't have to be on a mountain top to find what you need.  All is already here and showing up in your regular life.  The invitation is always here, always arising and pointing you within, pointing you…


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New Posts on

Happy February! I've just put up a new video post, "When the One Thing Going On Tells Itself the Truth," and there is a also recently written post, "No Practice, No Problem," as well as Letters from the Field and whatever else arose. It's also time to register for February's Sunday Satsangs. Come join us at Peace...

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Where is This Thing Going?

Like most people, I find myself caught in repetitive thinking from time to time. It’s usually about something that I need to do in the future, and can be rather bothersome. For example, when I’m laying in bed thinking about something I think I need to do in the future. Obviously there are times when you may need to think ahead or plan, but we tend to get stuck in overthinking things that are really of no importance in the grand scheme of things. It may be helpful to ask yourself, “Can…


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New 2-Hour Satsang Recording

Hello, everybody. Just a note to say I've put up several new videos in the past week or so, including this 2-hour online satsang. 

Fred Davis & Friends 2-Hour Satsang

I also put up my 101st podcast this week, including the audio of the satsang mentioned above. The link for that is:

Awakening Clarity Now Podcasting

The website, of…


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News from Awakening Clarity Now

Hello, everybody! I've been really busy this week, putting up new posts and cutting new videos. Here are some highlights.

I've just posted a major new piece on my website, My editor thinks it's one of my best, so come see what you think. :-)

There are some new podcasts available on Podbean and iTunes.



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Spiritual Progress or Spiritual Regress?

Hello, everybody. I've just put up a new post on Awakening Clarity Now that you may find of interest.

We think we're making a lot of progress. It feels like it. It looks like it. But how much progress does a hamster make when it's breathlessly running on its wheel? Is it even sure which…


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What brings you here

I like the little block that shows up on my page that says "What brings you here?" I am not a person that spends much time on the computer and I tend to not be drawn to use it as a form of communicating my thoughts except for what is logistically showing up to be tended to or if it is the way someone desires to communicate with me. But checking on my Asheville Sangha page I see this question and I feel a smile inside flowing out and it is showing up to participate in this lovely and…


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New Articles and Podcasts

Hello, everybody. has a new, two-part post, "The Truth, the Dream and the Teaching," which addresses our experience of reality as well as Reality itself.

There are some new podcasts up, too, and you can now find those on iTunes, …


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