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I hear your words.


When your words land on me,

 this is what I feel:


     [I express my feelings with “I am feeling ...” statements]


Then, I agree to hold the space for you and your words,

 without any judgments,

 without any assumptions,

 as we inquire, together,

 into the nature of your feelings

and then, switch turns,

and inquire into the nature of my feelings. 


You and I, we are many things to each other.

We are, especially, rabbis - developing an

 ever-deepening understanding of human nature,

 as it plays through us.


We are consciously dedicated to uncovering and discovering

 what is mysterious and can only be experienced

 if we become fully present.


This, my fullness of attention and presence

I offer you, dear lover and friend.

What a fantastic experience we are privileged to share!


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