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Hubris (defn): Excessive pride or self-confidence, arrogance relentlessly practiced (so pronounced as to anger the ancient gods and stir them to set things right! - HM)

My Dad offered me the perfect gift when I was young.
He demonstrated connection thru humility: how to step beyond anger and be connected to your actions and the faces of others.

The perfect gift from my dad
When I was around ten and living on an Air Force base, me and a friend, linked by vandalism in the stealth and cover of night, punched holes in the tires of bikes throughout the neighborhood. About two weeks later my Mom nonchalantly asked me if I knew anything about this rash of flat tires in the neighborhood. I admitted no knowledge and then she told me that my friend had confessed, and exposed me as co-conspirator. I was told to go to my room until my dad (then Major McQueen) came home. My dad had an instant flash temper and his in-the-moment rage was to be clearly avoided. As it worked out, this advance tip-off gave him time to reflect (rather than flash react) and rise to the occasion. When he called me out of the room, here is the gift he gave me

"Son, I am going to put on my uniform and go with you, and you are going to take us to every house that has a bike you vandalized. You are going to knock on the door and tell those folks that you did this and that you are going to make it all better. I’ll be with you, and will even hold your hand. And, you will reassure these people that you and your mom will come by and take the tires and have them repaired and return them. The money to pay for the repairs will come out of your allowance."

This blessing of connecting to humility, this Life Best Practice, became obscured by traumas and insecurities that piled up in my childhood, and was slipping away, seemingly almost lost.

In my 57th year, I was re-introduced to my accumulated hubris and became intimate again with a Life Best Practice.

This time ‘round, my heart,
better prepared by suffering
opened wide, shattering my armor,
turning me 'round,
setting me free
to do my life’s work.

This second time ‘round
provided another complete dressing down
Witnessed by two dozen
In the Cathedral
of Circular Oneness
All present silently cheered me on
to fully download and carry on

I awaken again
To my calling
I am present
I am accounted for
I am a resource
I am capacity
For Love to flourish
Cultivating and defending Love
Adding momentum to Awakening
a renaissance of expression
of the Human Potential

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Comment by Howard McQueen on August 29, 2009 at 4:41pm
I Love you too, Kimberly, Sweet Sister of Elemental Lightning, illuminating all landscapes


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