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July 2012 Blog Posts (8)


Writing from Dunedin, Florida, while in the midst of packing


© 2012 Howard McQueen


I allowed myself to become attached to this house we made an offer on.

   The deal fell through because our house in Chattanooga did not sell.

   Sadness and disappointment came for a visit.

 A week later our Chattanooga house sold

   and we put an offer in on a small, modest house in Fernandina Beach

   and the seller…


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Unconditional Love has no "if"

This posting from Don Miguel Ruiz's entire archive of daily inspirational emails.

"There is no other medicine but unconditional love.  

Not:  I love…


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I received this in email, without any knowledge of the source.  

If someone can cite the source and send it to me, I'll be glad to attach credit.



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Flash Forward

Dear Friends and Family,

Our little girl (now nicknamed Precious by me) is 3 months old already, and just keeps getting cuter by the day.  One of the most joyful things in the world is watching her smile and try to talk.  I’m teaching her to say “Hi,” and she has done it a few times now.  Most of the time it’s just cooing.  I could just spend all day gazing into her curious eyes, but there is work to be done.

see photo at…


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© 2012 Howard McQueen


To be heard, calls for someone else to listen.

To be felt, calls for someone else to be open to feeling.

To be understood, calls for someone else to invoke a response that conveys caring, compassion and, we might include - wisdom.


These qualities of communication are conveyed verbally, through body language and, surprisingly, through the inclusion of silence.


When my partner communicates to me something of…


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 (C) 2012 Howard McQueen

Are you willing to let in all the light

 and all the darkness,

 without forming judgment.

Are you willing to be present with all our separation

 and all our inter-connection,

 without forming judgment.

Then welcome, friend, to the field of enlightenment.

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(C) 2012 Howard McQueen

I don't know about you,

but my own attempts at letting go

often leave claw marks

in what I finally release.

I have this tendency to hold on so

to that which repeatedly signals me

that it is well past my time to let go.

I find myself to be the author of this inner struggle,

this inner conflict

not wanting to recognize the ever-present

shift in all things…


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© 2012 Howard McQueen

We come face-to-face with suffering,

in order to earn the choice to relinquish our control.

What we encounter is life’s ongoing invitation

for us to release control

and trust in it’s flow.


Do we choose to let life open us to the gifts of growth,

possibilities we can only begin to fathom?

Or, do we postpone, till

our expectations for some very specific outcome

are not met,



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