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Writing from Dunedin, Florida, while in the midst of packing


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I allowed myself to become attached to this house we made an offer on.

   The deal fell through because our house in Chattanooga did not sell.

   Sadness and disappointment came for a visit.

 A week later our Chattanooga house sold

   and we put an offer in on a small, modest house in Fernandina Beach

   and the seller took four days to respond to the offer

   and our realtor called us one day in a tizzy

   and we thought we had lost the house

   only to find that we could accept the counter offer

   which we did

   and a fresh breeze of enthusiasm came for a visit.


There are occasions when we have little to no control of what knocks on our door.

There are many, many more occasions where it is our attitude

   that shapes what comes to visit

   and instigates our wrestling with or hiding from what we’ve summoned.


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