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We come face-to-face with suffering,

in order to earn the choice to relinquish our control.

What we encounter is life’s ongoing invitation

for us to release control

and trust in it’s flow.


Do we choose to let life open us to the gifts of growth,

possibilities we can only begin to fathom?

Or, do we postpone, till

our expectations for some very specific outcome

are not met,

and our sense of security,

of wanting to hold on to our personal control -- challenged.


Our mind makes all manner of anxiety out of all this,


we reflect upon the many, many times

our letting go has paved the way for growth,

and understanding

and a maturity of perspective


in and of itself

fosters an inner confidence.

A confidence that we can not only face what life flows our way;

a confidence that we can meet and participate and share with others,

the hardships and joys that will continue

as we choose to let go

and place ourselves, again, and again,

into the flow.

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