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April 2009 Blog Posts (8)

Tony Parsons on "Enlightenment"

I used to believe that people actually became enlightened, and that the event was similar to someone winning the jackpot in a national lottery. Once the price had been won, the beneficiary would thereafter be guaranteed permanent bliss, infallibility and incorruptible goodness.

In my ignorance, I thought these people had obtained and owned something that made them special and totally different from me. This illusory idea reinforced in me the belief that enlightenment was virtually… Continue

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Freedom to Manifest ... Whatever …

© 2009 Howard McQueen

The practice of choosing to embrace rather than avoid,

Of accepting rather than rejecting,

Of allowing rather than controlling,

Of Surrendering rather than influencing (in the name of even personal preferences),

Finding peace within whatever is appearing and arising

Brings about the gradual under-mining of habits of Self-avoidance,

of Consciousness avoiding Reality.

Thus we remember to uncloak that which was /… Continue

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Addendum to Wakeful Quantum Shadow Dreaming

© 2009 Howard McQueen

I was recently communicating with a friend about a series of disappointments and how my obsession grew into a deep, thick soup of resentment, using that thickening agent “you done me wrong”. As I was communicating with him about this, I really took the time to listen to him and empathize with where he was coming from.

His coming from held a touch of sadism, grief, remorse, apology, courage, resentment, … – and after I took all this in, rather than… Continue

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Human Conditions

© 2009 Howard McQueen

The human condition of constantly grasping or averting, moving towards or away from reward/pleasure/security or fear/pain/scarcity. We ping-pong between the polarities, the positively and negatively charged energies.

To slow down and rest in peace.

To show gratitude for the Abundance of what is.

Not residing in the shadow of fear

or cleverness of ego gratifications

We open up to a flowing of a Self

connected to Vastness,… Continue

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Wakeful Quantum Shadow Dreaming

(subtitled: The Blaming Machine)

© 2009 Howard McQueen

Last night my fever broke.

For over two weeks I have been carrying around an ever-escalating story that a friend has been “doing me wrong”. I’ve built an entire waking dream around this story. I’ve amassed dozens of diary pages to document the story. I’ve been up and down the story, engaged, disengaged, disappointed, discouraged, angry, at peace, and seen this cycle stop and start back up again with another friend… Continue

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A morning message to friends

© 2009 Howard McQueen

I wrote this to a dear friend this morning, then realized it perhaps deserves much wider circulation

What a great ride

A great ride it is (being alive). I see some big hummer waves rollin in that we can catch and ride - together. We might even get tumbled around, scratched up, but what the heck - comes with having some wild abandon fun.

Just now, I see you riding bareback on this beautiful white steed, on the beach, in… Continue

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Has anyone lived in a Yurt?

I am entertaining buying and constructing a 30' diameter yurt (see as an example.

Anyone ever stayed in a yurt for a week or longer?
Would anyone considering living in one for a year or longer?

Thanks for any feedback!


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Andrew Cohen , WIE Founder (fee-based CDs) - any opinions?

Does anyone have an opinion on the quality of the content of this set of CDs by WEI Founder Andrew Cohen?

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