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Addendum to Wakeful Quantum Shadow Dreaming

© 2009 Howard McQueen

I was recently communicating with a friend about a series of disappointments and how my obsession grew into a deep, thick soup of resentment, using that thickening agent “you done me wrong”. As I was communicating with him about this, I really took the time to listen to him and empathize with where he was coming from.

His coming from held a touch of sadism, grief, remorse, apology, courage, resentment, … – and after I took all this in, rather than start back up the blame machine, I rested in this primal soup of emotions and discovered that it contained THE full spectrum of the emotional condition, all polarities. My friend did not shed a tear, but he did tell the story of his estranged daughter and the price he has paid for the current state of that relationship. Thus I was also privy to his sadness, remorse and repentant qualities.

I am left feeling that the experiencing of any one emotion, does, in fact, contain the full spectrum of emotions. The other emotions just happen to be dormant, waiting for their moment to arise and assert themselves. I experience this directly, as these emotions arise in me. Sometimes they animate me, sometimes they make a call to a deeper compassion for myself and for everyone around.

I am continually amazed and humbled by the insights available through our ability to just be open and take in more and more of what life offers.

Part 1 Wakeful Quantum Shadow Dreaming

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