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The practice of choosing to embrace rather than avoid,
Of accepting rather than rejecting,
Of allowing rather than controlling,
Of Surrendering rather than influencing (in the name of even personal preferences),

Finding peace within whatever is appearing and arising

Brings about the gradual under-mining of habits of Self-avoidance,
of Consciousness avoiding Reality.

Thus we remember to uncloak that which was / which is / which will be - we release our pretending to be SEPARATE. .

We rest in this newness, this Vastness of potential
And in this vulnerability of unknowing,
Surrendering to Oneness, to for-ever-ness, to completeness, to connectedness
We experience this as the Gift, as much as it was once regarded as the Burden-Curse.
Both the Gift and the Burden-Curse are thus contained in the moment, in the fullness
What was once our ignorance shifts to a perceptual, gradual or quickening acceptance of the constant birth-life-death of form, of thought, of sensation and of perception.

We seem to oscillate between fascination with self and Self,
This contraction then expansion of our sense of Reality,
This inhaling, then exhaling,

Limitless forms all dissolving
Into the apparent nothingness …
And the seemingly eternal procession and dance
That mind alone cannot begin to comprehend.

This piece significantly influenced by Marta and a united appreciation for Loving Communications and an awesome new book, "The Transparency of Things" by Rupert Spira. This is a gentle, disarming book, and reading the first 25% of the book is fulfilling, as it became a bit tedious after that (revised 8/11/09)

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Comment by Julie Robinson on May 8, 2009 at 4:24pm
Loving what is,


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