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February 2011 Blog Posts (6)


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As we capture and focus our attention

  into the service of navigating toward unity,

  we begin to meet in the vast field [1]

  where compassion and love dwell.


As we learn to nourish family and community,

  we begin to tend to the soil

  fertilized and nourished by our shared, core values.


As we learn to heal ourselves

  and hold this healing space and environment for…


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Stella’s Life

I've been remiss in posting this on the Asheville Sangha blog site, but thought I should do it in order to help eliminate any confusion about having a baby on the way...

Shelby was admitted to the hospital on December 20th after she started feeling chest, back and arm pains.  Since she was 23 weeks pregnant, we called the OB on call who  confirmed that we needed to come to the hospital for some testing.  She was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome, where the blood platelet count drops and… Continue

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This below posting from a Heron Dance email.  See 



Some Joseph Campbell (no relation) thoughts on the subject from various sources, including Michael Tom's interviews of him and Diane Osbon's A Joseph Campbell…


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Why is it we become stuck and mired in circumstances?


I've noticed that there are occasions when my agendas for how life should unfold assert themselves.

When unfolding circumstances don't appear to support my agendas, I have this uncanny ability to put on my cheerleader outfit and begin lobbying on their behalf.


We all do this from time to time.  It is how we learn to navigate through the world, and how we learn…


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(c) 2011 Howard McQueen


Winter strips the landscape

 of all the annual beauty and camoflage.

The naked limbs and branches of trees

 reveal their exoskeletons,

 rooted in nothing but thin air.


Such stark contrast to the verdant

 flora and fauna blossoming in Spring.


Ah Winter,

 a time to rest and reflect,

 a time to draw inward and concentrate the essence

 for another ride around the…


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Version 2.0

© 2011 Howard McQueen


Feeling deeply what is running inside us

 opens us to mystically knowing the We-ness,

 the immensity of shared interconnectedness,

 the infinite richness of experiencing

  and expressing

 heart-felt sharing with fellow beings.


To be human is to be, at times, overwhelmed and fragmented.

We are all on a journey to uncover, to rediscover wholeness.

We recover our wholeness…


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