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July 2015 Blog Posts (4)

Change Your Outlook and Change the World

I wrote this letter to a loved one who recently came to me in a lot of pain. He was very frustrated at me and coming at me with a great deal of negativity. I just held space and listened, though some of the words struck me as a bit harsh. I let those feelings come and let them go. There was a time a few years ago that this discussion I had would have left me very devastated, but I could only feel compassion for the pain he was in. One of the gifts that came from this confrontation was…


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I'll Be Here For You

It has taken a while for me to fully realize the impact of reassurance when a friend or loved one is struggling, stressed or pained in some way. In my world, I see the goodness in the world, and know that personal suffering is avoidable with the proper "tools" (for lack of a better word). But this is viewed as a phony belief by many, and not readily accepted by most. So, it's not very reassuring to approach someone who is upset with things like, "It's going to be okay," much less to say…


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Due to an oversight, I've not previously announced my online workshops to the sangha. The first four have been sold out. Clarity Workshop #3 is coming up July 28. There are open seat. Awakening Workshop #3 will be held on August 9. There are still 3 open seats for that one. Click here for details on both.

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THAT Which Is Prior to Manifestation

Hello, everybody. I invite you to watch this new, free 47 minute video that I put up this week. It's a bit different. It will make some of you itch a bit, but it will help others to rest. All love, Fred

THAT Which Is Prior to Manifestation

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