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Howard McQueen; (C) 2009

Letting go of everything
held personal
and stepping into freedom

The invitation

The invocation

Reside in the embrace with your Beloved Anam Cara [1].
You have come home
No longer separate or alone

[1] The Celtic Mysticism of Anam Cara A Book of Celtic Wisdom, brings alive an inner soul-friend within each of us. My own evolving interpretation of the Anam Cara this is that this energetic entity is imprinted into our being, always available, always accessible. Sri Aurobindo also brings light to the illumination of an infrastructure Self in the book, Growing Within, The Psychology of Inner Development, as does the Intoxicating and Forbidden Love poetry of Rumi.

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Comment by Howard McQueen on July 22, 2009 at 8:36pm
I've been a bit quite and private, writing for myself, but not sharing.
Glad to be back into a time for extrovert-sharing.

I watched a piece from Eckart Tolle TV last night. Eckhardt was remembering that for quite a long time, he was a behind-the-scenes "Signal Holder". And then one day he asked the universe to "use him" and that there be MOMENTUM (I think this is the right word) supplied to the offer. In less than two years, he accepted the invitation to be on Oprah and, well, he admits that he is no longer behind the scenes.
I too am inviting MOMENTUM, an new coming out, as I have been simmering (actually slightly rotting on the vine a bit), so let LIFE USE ME IN THE COMING TRANSFORMATION!!!

What an incredible ride we, who stick around, are in for over these next twenty years. So much change will flow through life, changing us, shaping us, out of our comforts, our familiar ways -- offering up new potentials and transformation ...



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