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Come to a full stop.

Bring your awareness and attention to your inner states of balance and harmony.

And, be honest with yourself.

What disturbances and conflicts are exacerbating your inner balance and harmony?


Once you identify these invasive thoughts and uncover their beliefs,

 recognize that they are your guests.

Perhaps they have extended their stay?

It’s a huge house you keep, with all the unexplored basements and caverns.

Light a candle.

Take an assessment.

Make a plan.


First and foremost: don’t be rude to your guests,

 especially those that have rooted in as a result of neglect.

Lovingly, let them know its time to move on.

Re-light the candle in their space,

 again and again

 and keep lighting it even if they 

 change rooms to avoid moving out.

It is time,

perhaps well past time

to clean up your house.

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