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Everything made of love

 and everything made of fear

 is alive,

 incubated and harbored in the human mind.


Ours is a journey of discernment,

 of recognizing where love has gone astray

 and escaped in the forms of anger,

 distrust, sadness, depression  …


Ours is both an inward journey,

 As well as an outward journey.

We may try to cloister ourselves from the external fear.

We may endeavor to sweep under-the-carpet the internal fear.


It would seem such a tall calling

  to wrestle with such an abundance of fear.

And yet, it is but the echoes and triggers within us

  that are our responsibility.


In truth, we are born,

  into this living invitation

  to experience all of this Odyssey.


In accepting the invitation,

  we grow our capacity to discern

  and offer others an example of the resilience and connection

  offered through expressing love.



~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~   ~~    ~~~



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