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Originally posted / Version 1.0  October 21, 2012; Fernandina Beach, FL

Howard McQueen


All to often

I feel that



overwhelming me,

that my future is so uncertain

that I will become drained

and slip into the joyless void.


When I obsess upon these feelings, I intensify them

and pressure and stress builds,

till I ultimately project my inward stress outward on to those who love me.


FEAR is so very contagious.


LOVE is so very contagious.


Let fear be heard, and understood

by others and myself.

Let us together absorb these images of irrational fear,

So me, and you need not act upon fear.


I am learning that my home is not a physical house that can be gussied up.

My home is a loving relationship,

first, with my wife,

then extended into communities of others

who are opening their hearts

and working to create

and sustain

a collective environment

of deeply compassionate, loving relationships.


As I shift my emphasis away from the seductive glitz and glitter of material things,

And, with a sense of gratitude,

Release these objects and feel their hold release me,

A lightness


A comforting and confident willingness to embrace the unknown is rekindled,

And I set my self free

To more deeply love – again.

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