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Set aside, for the moment, that special someone we refer to as our sweetheart.

Turn inwardly with me so together,

we can cultivate an appreciation for our inner heart-space.


You are the chef, the alchemist, the director responsible for the sweetness of your heart.  When you place all your resources,

all your being, in the service of keeping your heart sweet,

life itself becomes increasingly sweet.


The sweet heart recognizes that there are bitter and sour experiences

that the heart will be challenged to experience. 

The sweet heart gently compels the mind to stay in synch, in partnership. 

This nudges the mind so that it does not remain stuck in bitterness

or become soured to life. 

The sweetness already exists within, in an inextinguishable abundance.

This is the natural state of the heart, as the feeling center for your entire being. 

Feel your world,

feel your heart,

and put your mind into the service of your heart.

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