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Dearly Beloved,

  you take my breath away

  and you fill my lungs,

  again and again,

  all without an iota of effort needed from me.


All that seems needed from me is to remember:


  When I invite in and worship fear, separation and exclusion,

    I am diminished.


  When I invite in and worship love, connection and inclusion,

    I am one with you,


    your lover,

    and your servant.


Dearly Beloved,

  assist me to see beyond the fears and insecurities

  I am clutching to,

  these infections I’ve harbored in my mind.


Open me to the vibrations and healing balm of your Love,

  so I may be cleansed

  of my judgments

  that there ever was

  or will ever be

  anything to fear,

  when your breath,

  your blood

  and your life

  are constantly coursing through me.


~ ~ ~ ~

As I gain exposure to Sufism, I am appreciating the common thread bridging Sufism and Christianity – giving/devoting yourself (and your identity) to God and embracing whatever comes your way. 


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Comment by Howard McQueen on April 17, 2012 at 8:34am

Thanks for your appreciation and blessing of love. I'd be glad to attach Volume 1 of my poetry from the heart if you'll send an email address -


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