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Well before confidence,

well before courage,

the well-spring of faith is fed.


The journey of my life,

 when well-lived

 is an exploration in discovering and removing

 my inner obstructions blocking this spring.


In my journey my faith will waver:


  I will become afraid and numbed down.

  I will become overheated with anger.

  I will experience the delusional fever and become disconnected.

  I will judge and then ridicule and punish myself

   and others around me will be subjected to my suffering.


Disappointments and rejections,

  unfulfilled expectations

  abandoning patience - These and other reactions to circumstances,

  when fostered and bred in my mind

  become the obstructions that close down

  my mind and my heart.


And so it is:

I will also step up and open myself again and again

with the help of my dearest friends    

and clear away my obstructions.


And I will learn to turn to and embrace, integrate and innovate using this process,

  recognizing and realizing that it is the most effective of medicines.


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