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Make your way

back into your own gateway,

your center,

where all potential is present,

where heaven and hell are recognized

as arising from interpretation 

shaped by perspective

and expressed through intention.


This trinity: interpretation, perspective and intention,

when opened

and navigated with patience and reflection

provide the journeyer

with the necessary medicine of integration.


With this integration comes an integrative vision.

We experience what we once would describe as

   an ordinary, often limiting and sometimes fearful reality


   We also sense the extraordinary potential for integration,

   as we occupy and hold the space

   for both what is

   and what is becoming,

   we become free of judgment,

   we become free of attachment to outcome

   we find ourselves beginning the great un-entangling

   in this duality we’ve spun.


Bless this all encompassing, amazing and wondrous Reality.

We actually are gifted with the ability to constantly re-center

and navigate our own way.

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