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How can we continue to believe

that there is security

in what is stale,

in what we’ve already harvested,

in what we’ve already celebrated?


Many times in this life,

we hear the not so faint calling

to build our new nest,

and we turn away from the calling,

planting our heals

and our hearts

in the already departed vitality

of what has passed.


We can become so complicit,

so blind and enslaved by our routines,

so much so that we literally wish and will

that things remain the same.

We sentence ourselves and those we share life with

to a tragic conformity of sameness,

an entropic dullness and deadness,

an antithesis of vitality,

an anti-christ-consciousness,

fearing what inevitably is

but dynamic change,

life unfolding,

changing and mutating

and finding new pathways to open us

to a deeper, more profound expression.


Release yourself into the maelstrom of infinite possibilities.

Encourage yourself towards these new callings,

and be changed

by finding your friendship with adaptability

and the courage and ease to raft

the invisible and unknowable currents of life.

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