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[Subtitled: The Lifting of Oppression]
© 2009 Howard McQueen

Your mind can be a tireless, vivid Concept Generator,
that you mistakenly take up residence and inhabit.

From this vantage point,
You become the Grand Marshall of the parade;
You broadcast your commentary,
ogling at the magnificently adorned and decorated flotillas passing by.
Life is celebration, your personal Charade.

Inclement weather arises, bringing wind and rain.
Colors fade, the parade’s temporary-ness fades, washed away.

[I am] is imprisoned in perspective and choice.

Judgment arises, supported by the minions of clerks, judges and jurors
and the vast resources devoted to JUSTICE & CORRECTION.

Covert assassinations of character are already underway
supported by the depth of resources devoted to DEFENSE of this [US of A].
Will awareness arrive as another body bag, tagged DOA,
or one more name inscribed on the wall devoted to M.I.A.?

Meanwhile, the Oneness remains complete,
unaltered, unchanged and undisturbed.
It awaits and greets the storm’s mounting surge
Abiding in the Silence
Holding the Signal
Invoking Love as the way, the light and the truth

“Mind as Concept Generator”, a theme arising in Satsang with Stuart after supper, this last night. Love to you Stuart, for all your work here and abroad!

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