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(inspired in satsang with Jeannie Zandi | Thursday Oct-22, 2009 | Asheville)

© 2009 Howard McQueen

I am feeling more than just a little bit giddy
being in the presence of Love
with all of you.

It stirs up song, holding hands, hugging and kissing, waltzing,
giving in, completely and totally,
to the service of whatever needs doing in Love’s kitchen.

There is no rhyme, reason or meaning to be had from Loving.
It is a luscious, in-light-en-ing, in the body experiencing.
It is rubbing the love-of-self balm all over your insides
until you quiver and tingle on the outside,
and all your cares of self wash away in jubilation
and celebration
whilst being swept into a giddy reverence,
a sacred sweaty river dance,
in the full moon light
expressing love
giggling sometimes
and sometimes slack jawed
and speechless at the profound liberation
for witnessing love and joy bloom
in another,
even if but for
a few seconds …

We children-of-love, we don’t discern seconds,
we live in the timeless envelop of love and joy.
And, in our reckless abandonment of all the rules, regs, policies and procedures,
we are a beacon, encouraging others to come home to roost in the sweet innocence of play.

Love demands that we let go and completely surrender
everything false:
all habits,
including the manufacturing of revenue;
and the baked in mis-representations and gospels of our culture.

All this held-in-evidence, Love cleanses and sets on fire,
Inviting us to put everything personal aside
and just glow
and quiver
and be completely vulnerable
and clueless
and Innocent
and blissfully ignorant;
empty of answers to all the wrong questions.

Like “what’s going to happen to me in the future”
“what will others think of me”.

Love invites a pure, clean letting go of the future,
Love removes all bookmarks and road-blocks stored in the past.
We are invited into the complete unknowing of the moment
to die and be carried by the universal vibration and current of Love.

Love asks everything, the complete 100% of you.
Will you surrender to the embrace of Love and give it all up?
The world is re-forming, awakening in you
the invitation to step into “making it all up,
a fresh beginning, a starting all over again”.

It just might be the yummiest undoing of your life!

~ ~ ~
;-) Dang, Love done come up and just plum swallowed me whole!!!

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Comment by Howard McQueen on October 24, 2009 at 8:29am
This comment arrived from a friend, via email.

Rumi, much?

(not to say your work is like his nor influenced by, but rather, it reminds me of his love for Truth and Presence)



To read that the words flowing through my post resonate in you and stir up a feltness to the close proximity of Love and Presence -- this brings back the quivering, and the delirious fever wrought by Love.

And a bit like the turtle, Love encourages us to step outside our self-imposed boundaries and shed our armor, to feeling perpetually and radically exposed. Love thus more openly grows and our presence with love touches the dreamer-lover authentic beings ready to awaken in others.

Words of appreciation land on the runway of this Heart and oh my goodness, what a commotion this does make. A new Heart Port is brought into service.


There are those that came before us (Rumi, Hafiz, Eckhart ...) that, through their example and deeds and radical poetic words, are the evolutionary architects and magic key masters for opening human hearts. It is their gift and legacy into this world, there words of delirious love woven into poems and stories that move us to override and gently dethrone the mind and mental fortresses, allowing the love feast to reign supreme.

When we experience someone living the words openly as their love for life, the runway of the heart unfolds and words on wings take off and land on more and more heart ports.

It is amazing grace to live in love and allow oneself to be consumed by it.
It brings tears of joy each time I read, hear or witness two or more heart-ports opening together, like between a father and his three year old son, Quantum.

ANY combination of two or more hearts

I sense that there are we amongst this fragmented and war-torn species of humanity, who are evolving and finely attuning to the collective heart within us. These "we" are turning the corner to evolve love more fully in the human domain, through our peaceful, persistent actions and intentions.

Thank you, dear friend, for also being a broadband signal holder of Love and Heart.



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