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A nod and bow to the inspirational teachings of Adyashanti!
(c) 2010 Howard McQueen

Were I able to wave a wand and take away your pain,
I would as well be diverting from you the gathering wind that will fill your sails.

Were I to think I could clarify the mystery for you, or for me,
in any way other than living our own lives as the embodiment of this mystery,
I would be enslaving both of us in this "managed" duality.

Were we to be @Choice to real eyes our manufactured suffering as
the murkiness we add to the crystal clear waters,
the smog-like mitote that we pull over our right seeing,
we will be nudged towards a remembering,
deep within our being
that the love held in all of creation
is constantly coursing through us;
that only we can set down,
our contrived delusion of separation,
and choose to recognize the abundant,
ever-present, everywhere woven into
existence field-of-love

Honor everything that life offers up to you.
See the essence of you in everything
and the essence of each and every thing will be
revealed in its relationship and connection with you.

The painful illusion of separation
will drop away
and there will remain - life,
animated in dance,
infinitely differentiated,
cloaked in temporary form,
conspiring to shake you,
often rigorously,
as well as vigorously,
to awaken you.

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