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(c) 2010 Howard McQueen

To remain connected-in-love with another
is to honor the constant willingness
to uncover the sacred sense of self,
the self image evolved,
no longer depending upon the courtroom of judgment
or its minions of reward and punishment.

We step off all know paths
when we learn to love - without condition.
We choose compassion over revulsion
inclusiveness over exclusiveness.
Our awareness swells to take in
more and more of the full spectrum of what is humanly possible,
all the abuse
all the sorrow
all the broken and shattered expectations.
And, we begin the process to allow all experiences to settle,
and reassemble without judgment.

This Mystery, fully lived
bring us into a vast cathedral
of journeying with other beings,
cycling through spans of being incarnate
each given the opportunity,
time and again,
to awaken to our expansive and all inclusive.
most curious and compassionate,
innate nature.

* *** * *** * *****

Our work in clarifying what we hold to be true involves a conscious reexamination of how our personal awareness has evolved out of the lies and deceptions manufactured by trying to protect ourselves, by believing that we should be exempt from aspects of life.

The flowers and trees, they are not distracted by the mental derisions and masturbations we humans imbibe in. Life is lived without warranties.

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