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Looking for local wholistic/alternative family practice DO & dentist

Hi !

I just moved here in early June but it has been a busy summer. I moved here from Michigan after 56 years and I am still gettting settled. I did bodywork (massage,energy work) for 25 years and I was a on call chaplain at a hospital for 5 years. We moved here for my husband's work. I am looking forward to meeting people and connecting with community. I have to get a physical for my internship. I am working on finishing my Masters in Hospice and Paliative Care long distance. I would really appreciate recomendations for a family DO doc & also for a new dentist here, that is kind of alternative & good with bite splints.

I am looking forward to meeting people here and connecting with community. : ) !

Thank you so much !

Namaste, Heather

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Hi Heather,

I have a really nice DO here in Brevard, which is probably 30 minutes or so from you (that may be too far; you can likely find someone in Asheville, which would be closer). But just in case, her name is Dr. Rachel Brown; she is with Brevard Family Practice. Here's the number: 828-884-9362 There is a little blurb about her on this page:


Good luck!




Interesting, She just moved here from MIchigan as well. And my son is Tobias and her husband is Toby. Very Synchornistic, might just be meant to be. Breavard seems like a sweet little town. I only have nbeen there once so far, after going to the Triple falls. It is not a long drive.

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