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Looking for local wholistic/alternative family practice DO & dentist

Hi !

I just moved here in early June but it has been a busy summer. I moved here from Michigan after 56 years and I am still gettting settled. I did bodywork (massage,energy work) for 25 years and I was a on call chaplain at a hospital for 5 years. We moved here for my husband's work. I am looking forward to meeting people and connecting with community. I have to get a physical for my internship. I am working on finishing my Masters in Hospice and Paliative Care long distance. I would really appreciate recomendations for a family DO doc & also for a new dentist here, that is kind of alternative & good with bite splints.

I am looking forward to meeting people here and connecting with community. : ) !

Thank you so much !

Namaste, Heather

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