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Life is constantly inviting you to explore and rediscover your True Nature.  She is sending messages in every moment, regardless of what form it takes, inviting us home.  Attention. Here. Now, she says compassionately with every breeze, every step, every encounter. "Notice the Beauty of Simply Being," she says, knowing full well that it's impossible for people to do, until it isn't.  We're so immersed in the waves of the ocean that we can't see the sea.

When we realize we are being beckoned, through one of Life's clever tactics to get our attention, Grace has stepped in leaving an open mind and open heart.  That opening may contract and expand as we continue to engage in Life's never ending message -- Wake up!

You have been lovingly invited to
the Greatest Party of All Time -- LIFE
Date: Never ending
Time: Now
Location: Here
Turn Left on Inner Body Street
Take a right on Who Am I Really Avenue
Be Here Now will be up on your right
Stop when you get to the bridge (it doesn't really exist, and it leads you into a dark Abyss)
Words of Wisdom will come to take you the rest of the way In because it gets a little tricky at that point.

Once you get Here, take a look around to see what hasn't moved at all.  You were Here before you left, and you're still Here.  You were also Here the entire trip. Since Life never stops moving for long, there is only the trip itself -- Here and Now.  The trip is all there is, which is a wonderful relief when you embrace the whole experience of every moment.
The invitation is to awaken to, and live, the invitation with a never ending "Yes!"  
Be alert to where Fear takes you.  Fear, too, is a wonderful guide, but you need to be aware of the root of it during certain life situations.  It will disappear on you, but know that it has led you on the right path. There are no wrong turns, which scares Fear off.  And who wouldn't want to experience being free of Fear after living from it for years?  That feels a lot better than never knowing Fear at all, I guess.  Fear wants to be compassionately embraced, just like we all do. Give fear a thanks for all it has done to protect you all of your life.  You don't need it Now, and it's always Now.

Hugs Heal,


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