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So my question today and always is how may I serve the Sangha as it is a direct reflection and in truth my very own Self?  How may I be of service to you my Beloved?  As this group we meet together to dive into the illusion of the apparent form.  The separate self that thinks in separate ways.  We inquire into what is real and what remains when all this madness is opened to-released-and moves on.  The truth of what remains.  What is simply just here.  What  is always here.  This is what makes this energy and form rise and bow to you- to serve you and me in this way-inquiring and ever deepening with the open heart. Untying the knots of suffering to reveal our true nature as Grace itself.  Grace moves everywhere like gravity-like water moving with the current. Within, without. as everything. Always moving to dissolve separation. Always,always pointing us home. 

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Comment by David Houck on September 30, 2014 at 4:09pm


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