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Wake up

Question your beliefs, perspectives, ideas, feelings and inquire with a open heart into what manifests them.  Allow them to un-manifest. What remains is stillness, presence and love. The is the natural state of who you are. Every moment provides you with the opportunity to wake up.  You don't have to be on a mountain top to find what you need.  All is already here and showing up in your regular life.  The invitation is always here, always arising and pointing you within, pointing you…


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What brings you here

I like the little block that shows up on my page that says "What brings you here?" I am not a person that spends much time on the computer and I tend to not be drawn to use it as a form of communicating my thoughts except for what is logistically showing up to be tended to or if it is the way someone desires to communicate with me. But checking on my Asheville Sangha page I see this question and I feel a smile inside flowing out and it is showing up to participate in this lovely and…


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The truth of what remains.


So my question today and always is how may I serve the Sangha as it is a direct reflection and in truth my very own Self?  How may I be of service to you my Beloved?  As this group we meet together to dive into the illusion of the apparent form.  The separate self that thinks in separate ways.  We inquire into what is real and what remains when all this madness is opened to-released-and moves on.  The truth of what remains.  What is simply just here.  What  is always here.  This…


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