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Unknowing Everything

Untying Everything

Falling apart

eventually what remains

can no longer be seen or observed

Only This only This - alaya

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Nice. That's what is there, and what the mind identifies with, when ya transcend in meditation. 

Hi Thomas, thankyou for your comment.  Yes in the absolute when all illusion falls away in meditation... and what I am speaking of here is as what you describe when you transend in meditation -but natural ordinary Self as no separation in each and every moment.  The falling away of duality/separate self where there is nothing to observe as there is no observer, nothing to be seen as there is no seer. Wherever this and that can be found illusion has appeared-the seer seeing- and the gift of inquiring into this apparent duality which will always have  dream/ suffering at its center is shining to be welcomed home. Returning to Only this. I am always around if you would like to connect more about this.  Always at your feet my Beloved-love, alaya

I like how you state 'the gift of inquiring into this apparent duality, is shining to be welcomed home.'

the inquiry starts with the mind, or least fragments of thought, and then meditation facilitates the shift to inquiring by fully receiving all of our sensual experience.  Fragments of thought are then experienced as part of the flow of sensual experience, no more or less important or in control than feeling, hearing or seeing.

 So we express gratitude for seeing the shadow around each color, by honoring our inner eye.  

Hearing the silence around sound, we honor our inner ear.

Feeling the sacred around each moment, we honor our inner heart.

Hi Roger, beautiful thankyou for your reply! love, alaya

You're welcome Alaya,

Thank you for your willingness to share the depth of your wisdom and love.

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