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This veil between me and everything 

 I understand to be of my own construction.


Understandably, I relied upon others 

 to make sense out of all this everything I experienced.

As a result, during my youth and thereafter, 

 I manufactured a myriad of:


  - strategies  of avoidance

  - strategies of accumulation 

  - strategies of conformity



 And this veil, of my own creation,

  as I pulled it over myself

  it became my invisibility cloak,

  and it became my anesthetized outer skin 


 ? of protection ?


 ? for protection ?


We are each faced with our work to deconstruct and disempower

 our veils

 and regain the openness and ease of being with

 this everything we are born into.


May many blessing be bestowed upon each of us

 to support all that we will let go,

 in order to feel connected with ourselves,

 and then everything else – once again.


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