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(c) 2009 Howard McQueen

Follow the tracks of truth
up to, then follow them into the rabbit hole,
the non-linear place
where your footprints in the sand are erased

And off we go,
trekking into the mind's constructs
made blind and oblivious by our smoke screen
our crud burning as a crude torch oil,
illuminating our walls,
inscribed with drawings, symbols and petroglyphs,
depicting our stories of suffering in ignorance.

Bur wait a minute, a day or even perhaps a year longer
and this too shall be resolved
and you as well, shall have the honor to be altered.

And you'll find yourself smack dab in the middle
of the Living Room of Life
giving of yourself to extending Family,
completely willing to sacrifice
that worn out old sense and style of self.

It is here where the fabric of human and spirit are loomed again:
Fine gossamer threads of eternity
intermixed with fabrics so much more tenuous and temporary.

~ ~ ~

A follow-up posting is available

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