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The Divine is all around us, in us, and has always been Here, Now. It is not an energy or a mechanism. It is the Source of energy and mechanisms. We are in a new paradigm where there is no longer a master high above on a stage with the "students" sitting below wondering how many lifetimes until they become perfectly enlightened.

The new paradigm is friend-to-friend. The divine joke is that the unsatisfied ego condition wants to be "enlightened" because ego assumes it will then be satisfied and live a perfect life story. But in order to be Awake as the Impersonal Self, the separate egoic identity must take a seat in the back of the bus. The more ego stays back out of the forefront, and the farther back it sits in the bus, the deeper the Wakeness is at the forefront, allowing the bus to be driven "on it's own", and real happiness shines through the mortal coil the ego used to run.

Master's point to Beingness. That is a worthy role. But I think it is not helpful to put a teacher up on too high a pedestal because it tends to prevent others from claiming the Wakefullness that is their True Nature. Always Here, Now. Let us claim our True Nature Now, by being in this moment, not the past or future. Just Be Here Now. Hum, I notice the body is breathing on it's own. I notice into the belly, feeling sensations. I notice into the bottoms of the feet feeling sensations. I breathe. I rest in the breath, and the Gap inbetween breaths, rather than the mind. I Am Here, Now.

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