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Our assessments,

 our judgments

 levied upon our self


  "You failed under pressure"

  "You failed to keep the marriage intact"

  " You ... "


These judgments lodge very deep,

 residing underneath

 veiled and cloaked.


They are like silent thieves,

 bands of saboteurs,

 contract assassins.


They actualize self-limiting  and corrupted

 images of self,  literally warping our mental states,

 capturing our attention,

 shifting our focus

 to doubt, fear,

 to believing we are inadequate,

 and unnecessarily vulnerable.


Re-evaluation and reassessment

 are processes where we become

 empowered to dis-empower these judgments,

 deconstructing the stories.

This is essential to our remaining vulnerable and vital.


As we learn to disengage our focus

 and no longer believe these stories as valid

 to our self-image,

 a calm inner-centeredness is reclaimed.


We learn we can indeed train our attention

 and hold the intention

 to be present with life

 as it unfolds in this moment.

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