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Life unfolds in an infinitely high-definition, broadband overflow,

 containing levels of granularity that are unknowable.

Most of the time, we are blessed to be insulated from this

 overwhelming flow.


And yet, blessings can just as easily morph into curses,

 as we rely upon our filters to create assumptions

 that dumb-down our experiences.

This can lead to insular expectations for how we believe

 life is supposed to unfold.

Once our awareness is dumbed-down, we begin to regard others

 as an increasingly low-fidelity representation of what really is.


Like a photo with no depth-of-field, we loose touch with the complex

aliveness of the content conveyed through living.


Fortunately, we have allies in the form of curiosity and patience.

Deep within, we also have an innate regard for appreciating how we can still be

touched by awe and beauty.


As we train ourselves to slow down and observe this complex web and flow of life,

we learn not to make any snap judgments.  Room is left to allow for both the

messiness and occasional clarities of insight to co-exist. 

What is, is then, faithfully restored.

Our filtering lens - cleansed again.


Awakening, for most of us, is not a single, struck-by-lightening event.

It is this ongoing practice that leaves us willing to appreciate and explore

the infinite minutiae contained in every moment.




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