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Talking Heads 2: Richard Miller & Fred Davis Discuss Nonduality & Nondual Living

Hello, everybody! I've just posted a new video tonight. Most of you know Richard from Quite spontaneously, he and I have begun a new video series. We talk about whatever arises while we're looking each other. The going gets weird, so come get strange with us!

Also, I put up a new text post on a few days ago, "The Last Veil: The Witness in Nonduality

Lastly, I'm also running a new text-post series--writings by my students. Georgette Cressend, who's a member of this sangha will be penning one. Here's a link to the first one, written by a lay Zen priest in Iowa. I'll be posting another one by a student in Denmark in the next day or two.

Come join us!

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