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Our Living Presence is the True Teacher

 When we project our own inner teacher onto the human teacher, we're unconsciously attempting to confine our awareness to a small, limited part of what we actually are. I say attempting because there is nothing separate from awareness that could confine or limit it. The human teacher realizes that we all need to make that projection to some extent, and knows that clinging to their own personal identity with sometimes unconscious grandiose fantasies of being the teacher, will only reinforce that process of projection in the student.

By mirroring back the natural state of our living presence, which is openness itself, the teacher extends the invitation for us to be aware of the projection process, and allow the vast openness to absorb the self conscious effort of projection. What is the actual substance of self conscious effort? The continual flow of our sensory experience includes the never ending dissolving of our imagined self conscious effort. The dissolving of it reveals there is no separate i, but one Big I shining through everyone and everything.

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