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Today I am making an agreement and a vow:  


I release myself, in perpetuity,

from any further involvement in my own,

as well as other’s blame-shame games.


Blame-shame games 

are loose-loose, 

full of subterfuge, 

failures to bring 

into illumination 

the lurking pain, 

fear and confusion 

underpinning our lives.


These patterns 

we turn to, 

like trusted advisors, 

when we feel stressed.


These patterns we learn, 

then mentally obsess upon

and practice till we have them down pat.  


When we deploy them, 

we rob ourselves

of the freedom 

to choose,

to embrace 

our  wholeness,

and our connection 

to compassion.


Next time you feel yourself

turning towards the blame-shame syndrome,

pause and reflect.

There is no longer any need

to turn to using these smokescreens

that just add to the confusion.

Instead, help to diffuse the illusions we spread.

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