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Inspired by a breakfast meeting with Dan Emmons at Margeurite's Cafe; Dunedin, Florida

© 2012 Howard McQueen


Not escape from,

or eradicate,

or divorce ourselves from.

To co-exist with

the fear,

the urge to control,

the need to confine through defining;

to encourage the subtle to emerge

and achieve expression - to be birthed into this world.


To co-operate with

rather than resist

the evolutionary urge.

To actively follow the sense of urgency

and usher in subtler and subtler possibilities.


To bootstrap each other out of our respective

pits of despair

and darkness and the densities

surrounding our living out of control;

to taking control,

to take the next step

beyond the threshold

and participate

in actively following

whatever is needed;

to shift the ego’s cry



  “I want …”




  “What’s needed is what I want to actively follow and help to manifest”.


That which is subtle

becomes visible

becomes heard

becomes felt

as we shift ourselves to a different vantage point,

a new level of sensitivity and receptivity

a willingness to trust in what wants to unfold.

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