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I am learning to celebrate,
through my own embodied personality
a connectedness to others,
so sweet and sublime
and sometimes
so deeply arousing is this Love,
so much more powerful and greater than the personal.

The personal, with its history of separation influenza,
teeters at times, near the precipice of old habits and beliefs,
this force of love so bright and illuminating,
it calls deep within us to stretch and redefine
to become more alive
to surrender the old identities,
patterns and constraining habits.

In the new relationship of authenticity
between human beings,
the old pitfalls and painful subroutines
are spoken and acknowledged, then embraced
and through sacred rites of passage,
contributed to the annihilating fire of love.

I am so deeply aroused and deeply stirred
with the sense of sacredness
to continue opening to this space,
far greater than a personal love.
It is a blossoming that is created
when two or more people
celebrate the sacred.

You are cherished and adored by the one spirit.
It is this sometimes overwhelming current
that you refer to as "the greater than the personal".
Honor this current by living and expressing its vibrations.
It will set you free.

May you live in and through your heart and learn to become
- free of division
- free of conflict
- free of distortion
- free to experience the sublime intimacy with all of creation

… ~~~ …

All these words are an internal blessing, to offer guidance and ongoing integration to my inner aspects: my child, my adult, my lover, my friend, my heart and all the magnificent intelligence supporting my body, all our bodies, the earth and all creation. What a gift it is to awaken to the love and joy being radiated in utter abundance throughout this world. This increasing less rare experience of sublime flowing into sublime, with personalities resting, supporting the awesome celebration of Self realization.

Inspired by the Adyashanti video interview: Transparency, Love, Intimacy and Passion

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