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© 2012 Howard McQueen
All too often
 we wait to celebrate being together - till we are leaving.
Everyday we have the opportunity
 to be radical daredevils
 and let escape our words,
 profusely professing
 our love for each other.
Why are we still skipping over these golden opportunities?
Take a moment and just stop and gaze into the eyes of love,
with reckless abandon, while you are still able.
This church, this GMUUC -  C for its congregation,
collectively cohesive.
What a very mature love.
What a beautiful way we’ve been held
in the love of so many.
It has awakened in me,
the invitation to step off of the sidelines of love,
right on to the groundless space where love is actualized.
We are indeed keepers of the dream,
keeping the dream alive
so it may awaken and thrive
in so many others.

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