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I meet you first as this
remote and obscure alpine lake,
so deeply frozen over
you can barely remember to speak your name.
And, in your despair
speak only through the numbness of your pain

After five days sitting with our extended family
You are transformed by glacial melt,
the freeze-dried in-being in you re-hydrates.
Some gated portal is thrown open
and sacred song from your depths fills the air.

You are transformed as Life celebrating mid-Spring.
Ancient Irish bands, buddhist troupes and
patches of loving families inhabit your shores.
Campfires surrounded by mirth and jubilee are lit,
and there are invitations in the air
to share in your mystical and enchanting
now effervescent joyful solitude.

Another miracle witnessed over the slow motion duration of five days.

~ ~ ~

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Comment by Howard McQueen on September 28, 2009 at 1:31pm
Your gaze provokes bridges made from affinity.
Dare we step forth to meet in the middle
walking on luminous threaded strings
that call forth the tenderness and innocence in spirit
least worldly needs and wants otherwise weigh us down.
We synchronize in a resounding and abundant "YES"!


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