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An abiding love does not hold back.

It waits for opportunities to express its

 myriad commitments to loving.


One who has this abiding love overflows from source,

 feeling a deep, sweet centeredness

 assert itself throughout their days.


An abiding love’s sweetness is contagious,

 as it lands upon others as unconditional encouragement.


An abiding love brings us the lesson plans of inclusivity,

 reminding us to focus on the shared universal

 and to stay with the wisdom of remaining non-judgmental.


An abiding love

 activates an inner vitality

 in both its giver and receiver.


An abiding love

 does not hope for anything to remain the same,

 for it opens the door of curiosity

 to whatever it encounters.


This abiding love

 runs deep

 in both you,

 and me.

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