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Trey Carland's Blog – September 2010 Archive (2)

Inescapable Here

I’ve always been here.

Never to be anywhere else.

I can’t get away from here.

I try to be somewhere else, but I’m still here.

I leave and yet here follows.

I’m momentarily lost. Where am I?

I’m still here I just wasn’t looking.

I can’t get out of here. I can’t escape here. I’m eternally here.

I always thought I was going somewhere.

Now I know I’ll never get there.

Here is the only place on earth, and everything happens here.

Where else… Continue

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Trying to Make Sense of It All

Hey Guys,

For many of us, Autumn is approaching as the northern half of the planet begins to seemingly tilt away from the sun. The Fall Equinox is about a week away, and change is much more noticeable as days shorten, temperatures cool and leaves begin to fall. Change is constant, but one thing remains the same, and that reliable constancy is what most of us are all looking for in order to feel safe and secure.

I’ve written a bit about how we tend to go about finding that one… Continue

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