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November 2011 Blog Posts (8)


(c) 2011 Howard McQueen

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(c) 2011 Howard McQueen

We carry the burdens of experiences

where we had expectations for unconditional love.

Instead, and to our surprise,

what we received and internalized

were infectious conditions,

the self-inflictions of others mixed in with their attempts to love.


As beings conceived to thrive on unconditional love,

these infections, conveyed to another open to…


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Have some Minotaur for dinner.

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Dear Friend,


You are often in my thoughts.
You should know that I believe you to be more than resilient and capable
in forging and uncovering your way through your current, stressful circumstances.
As I feel into and sense future outcomes,
I believe you will be utterly surprised as to how
heart-connected you will be living your life.  
Now, what that means…

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You need an STD

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Your Pizza is Good!

Silver Thread Dialoges

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 © 2011 Howard McQueen


These are clarifying times.

These are times to "step up" or "step out".


These are times for many of us to step off the fence

of confusion and uncertainty and respond to our deeper callings.

This is especially true for those of us stepping up to a leadership

calling within our communities.


Let this time of contraction not become hijacked

by the overwhelming fears of…


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e.e. cummings

somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond

any experience,your eyes have their silence:

in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,

or which i cannot touch because they are too near

your slightest look easily will unclose me

though i have closed myself as fingers,

you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens

(touching skilfully,mysteriously)her first rose

or if your wish be to close me,i and

my life will shut very… Continue

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© 2011 Howard McQueen


Idle conversation,

Just speaking to throw in your own ideas,

and not really listening to content and following a thread,

can lead to confusion,

can lead to others not feeling heard.


And folks either need to risk repeating themselves,

or they decide to risk asking you “are you not listening?”.


When we really listen,

when something of real value is needing to be conveyed,



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