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What brings you here

I like the little block that shows up on my page that says "What brings you here?" I am not a person that spends much time on the computer and I tend to not be drawn to use it as a form of communicating my thoughts except for what is logistically showing up to be tended to or if it is the way someone desires to communicate with me. But checking on my Asheville Sangha page I see this question and I feel a smile inside flowing out and it is showing up to participate in this lovely and…


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New Articles and Podcasts

Hello, everybody. has a new, two-part post, "The Truth, the Dream and the Teaching," which addresses our experience of reality as well as Reality itself.

There are some new podcasts up, too, and you can now find those on iTunes, …


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Honoring our Innermost Nature

Honoring our Innermost Nature

Throughout our lives so much will come to us: happiness, success, falling in love, everything wonderfully going our way—as well as the opposite, illness, painful emotional dramas, difficulty, pain, heartache, and the death of loved ones.  Sometimes our lives beautifully come together and other times, our lives completely fall apart.

Yet all the while…


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Major Article & Video

I've just completed part two of a major new article and video, You Are Not Born and You Do Not Die. The article is divided into two parts and the video is complete unto itself. I've placed all three pieces in line to make them easy to discover.

People have loved Part 1 and the video version and now I'm posting the final portion, Part 2 of the text version. Do come join us at

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Awakening Clarity Now Podcasting

Audio tracks from my YouTube videos are now available to listen to online, to download to your phone, tablet, PC/Mac, or through the Podbean app available through both Apple and Android. There are presently 83 tracks--hours and hours of free audio. Here is the website address:

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New Post, New Video

Hello, everyone! Just a note to invite you over to Awakening Clarity Now where I've put up a new Prime Post, You Are Not Born and You Do Not Die.

The same message said another way is available in the video of the same name.

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Change Your Outlook and Change the World

I wrote this letter to a loved one who recently came to me in a lot of pain. He was very frustrated at me and coming at me with a great deal of negativity. I just held space and listened, though some of the words struck me as a bit harsh. I let those feelings come and let them go. There was a time a few years ago that this discussion I had would have left me very devastated, but I could only feel compassion for the pain he was in. One of the gifts that came from this confrontation was…


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I'll Be Here For You

It has taken a while for me to fully realize the impact of reassurance when a friend or loved one is struggling, stressed or pained in some way. In my world, I see the goodness in the world, and know that personal suffering is avoidable with the proper "tools" (for lack of a better word). But this is viewed as a phony belief by many, and not readily accepted by most. So, it's not very reassuring to approach someone who is upset with things like, "It's going to be okay," much less to say…


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Due to an oversight, I've not previously announced my online workshops to the sangha. The first four have been sold out. Clarity Workshop #3 is coming up July 28. There are open seat. Awakening Workshop #3 will be held on August 9. There are still 3 open seats for that one. Click here for details on both.

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THAT Which Is Prior to Manifestation

Hello, everybody. I invite you to watch this new, free 47 minute video that I put up this week. It's a bit different. It will make some of you itch a bit, but it will help others to rest. All love, Fred

THAT Which Is Prior to Manifestation

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Removing Obstructions

I recently traveled to Boulder to visit my sister, and to attend a seminar there with my first Zen teacher from the San Francisco Zen Center, Richard Baker Roshi. He is the dharma heir of Suzuki Roshi, the most famous Japanese Zen master to live and teach in America, and the author of Zen Mind Beginners Mind. I hadn't seen him since 1981, and I was really looking forward to seeing how we had both changed in relation to each other over the years. The first thing he mentioned…


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What is duality, what is non-duality, and how is it lived in daily life?

According to Vedanta, the first stage of true enlightenment (or “awakening”) is not non-duality but DUALITY: experiencing the true Self, ATMA (pure unbounded awareness, transcendental consciousness) as separate and apart from relative, changing existence. This is a lovely and cherished state of duality. The Self is experienced and spontaneously lived as unbounded, eternally silent and awake within itself, completely separate from the boundaries of relativity. This is "Self-Realization,"…

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New Video Post

Hello, everybody. I invite you to join me on for a new 35 minute video,
"The Way of Truth" which I just published.

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Mass Transmission via Internet?

Hello, everybody. I held the first ever online Awakening Workshop Sunday afternoon. It was very successful, and a lot of people woke up. Come read the details, plus participant feedback. Three short-short posts. :-)

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New Post, New Videos

Hello, everybody! I'm once again inviting you to come check out

I've put up a bunch of new posts this week, including one on Ralph Waldo Emerson (with a free 55 minute movie to watch)  and an article I wrote on the critical difference between oscillation and instability in…


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Daily Posts

Hello, everybody! I'm trying something new on

I'm putting up new, short posts, almost daily. Longer, more involved posts will continue to be designated as Prime Posts. Do come join us for a minute, or an hour. :-)

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Waking Up In California--By Video--for Free!

Hello, everybody. I just put up a short little post that includes a note from an internationally known researcher and lecturer on nondual topics. Join me here:

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I Assume You

I hope you have all enjoyed the holiday season, whether you spent it alone or with family and friends. I always learn more about myself when there are others around and when I become open to the idea that they are a reflection of me.

For example, I had this realization that nothing has any drama to it unless I give it drama. I'm referring to the drama that is often prevalent in human relationships and interactions. Someone can be acting upset about something, but…


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Awareness of Suffering

Awareness of Suffering

Some of you may be aware that Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh suffered a serious stroke recently. He remains in a coma, still breathing on his own. He has dedicated his life to spreading the Buddha's teaching of compassion and love to relieve human suffering. His…


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